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Located at an altitude of over 1200m in Mang Den town, Kon Tum province, Niinuma Tomofarm is a Japanese high-tech farm to grow temperate vegetables and fruits. It is the story of research and experimentation efforts to produce fresh, tasty strawberries, kale, Brussels sprouts…

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What we have

We produce fresh strawberries, kale, brussels sprouts,… with authentic taste and flavor!

We welcome visitors to our farm, tour our production, taste and bring home the best self-picked fruits!

We welcome volunteers to come and work with us. You will have hands-on experience as a modern farmer at one of the most charming spots in Vietnam, a peaceful town with fresh cool air all year round and the majestic, beautiful natural landscape.


The “Berry” Christmas of Japan

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A small history of Brussels Sprouts

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A small history of Strawberries

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Why you will love us

We are always looking for ways to improve so as to produce high quality fresh products with incomparable taste while always keeping a full respect for the environment in mind. We work hard to make sure our customers can enjoy the authentic delicious tastes while knowing where their food comes from and how much we take care of them.



Strictly controlled process

AND of course, the authentic taste of our products❣

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Tomofarm’s strawberries are the sweetest and most fragrant ones that I have ever tasted! I like their Brussels sprouts too. The taste was great. I grilled with beef or ham. Thank you! (^○^) – Mr. Ikeda from Table Produce ASIA Company

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I love Tomofarm’s kale. It’s so fresh and tasty even my kids can eat it raw. Strawberries are so sweet. I’m one of their first customers and would like to spread the words. 🙂 – Mr. Thuoc from Ocean Link Viet Nhat Company

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Brussels sprouts tasted so good when I grilled it! I love kale too. I cooked kale soup with minced pork, also stir-fried it with beef and garlic. Delicious! I order almost every week. – Ms. Thoa from Com Nieu Mang Den restaurant





Known as a very healthy fruit, strawberries are widely used in desserts, baking, jams, ice cream, and smoothies...



Kale, with high nutritional value, not only for stir-frying like other vegetables but also for blending, making salads,... Let's see...


Brussels sprout

The Brussels sprout is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and is a nutritious addition to your diet.